Is the action of describing or
regarding someone or something as worthy of disgrace or great disproval or labeling
someone because of what the person has gone through or experienced. Come to
think of it, stigmatization, is it good or bad? We lived in a society where
persons are likely to go through certain situations which it would not be their
fault or whatever.

In the recent happenings of this (corona virus or covid 19)
which have begun crippling countries economy and people lives at alarming rate
and many others living in fear because of this covd 19. We are in Ghana and
have not been spared of this virus. To compare our cases to others we are
better off. And in all these, we have and continuing in prayer to God for His
mercy to heal us.

But one funny thing happening and going on, is what we
called STIGMATIZATION and where from these? All because some of the
infected persons have recovered and only to hear people labeling some of the
recovered persons, I see these things as bad attitude and must be stopped at
all cost. Are we not the same people who prayed and are still praying for
almighty God to heal those people and not to spread the virus on alarming rate?
Should it be you, what would be your reactions?

Remember the golden rule in the Bible, “what you wish others
do for you, do the same thing for them “remember again that, this virus is no
respecter of persons and you too could be infected with it, and therefore we
should be careful how stigmatize others. With the same measure you meant for
others, the same would be meant for you. We should rather show love, caring,
dwelling in peace and unity.


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