1. Antilipemic (Lipid Metabolic Tea) and Slimming Tea

A long time ago, the Chinese have known and used teas as an elixir of life.

Our Tiens Antilipemic tea as well as the Slimming tea are choked full with these healing phytochemicals  that make them an essential part of the Chinese diet and health regimen.

With the Corona Virus, we can do well with Drinking our Tiens Teas.

The virus has been said to be heat sensitive and cannot survive high temperatures.

In case anyone contracts the virus, it stays about 4 days in the throat.

During this time, Drinking the Tea hot can help flush it down to the stomach where our stomach acids can eliminate them.

That way they don't get into the lungs to cause havoc.

We can as well inhale the steam from it under a hood.

This way to clear the air canals.

This could support our drive to prevent the viral attack.

Another way to encourage prevention and protection.


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