Tiens Spirulina Capsules

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This product is mainly process from pure dry spirulina powder. Spirulina has a high nutrient ,every 100g o spirulina powder contains 45g of protein . the protein in Spirulina is easily absorbed by the human  body..

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**It has all the vitamin nutrient d A,B ,C,D and E.

**It had more mineral rquired by the body

**It supplies food without fats , there by very effective fo siliming.

"*It straightened the body immunity hence useful AIDS/HIV patients .

**An excellent source of blue-green algae rich in anti-oxidants.

**It improves growth and development in children.

.**Improves vitality for aruadu.

**Maintain the health of nerves ,skin hair,eyes and liver.

*"Prevents inflammation ,coronary , vascular disease and diabetics mellitus.

**Prevents the hypoterric and pernicious anemia (blood disease).

*It lowers the cholesterol level in the body thus prevents arteriosclerosis .

**Prevent stomach ulcer.

"*Prevent night blindness.

"*It contains glycolipids and cerebroeides sulphate which has been identified as strong anti-HIV agent.

**Prevents fatigue tiredness.

**It can be a pplied externally on the skin to give nourished , smooth and healthy appearance.

**Rich in linoleic acid which promotes the formation of prostate hormones.


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