Tiens Herbal Tooth Paste

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This product  enriched with Nulipore, Honey suckle, Wide Chrysanthemum and other  plants extracts  which provide thorough cleaning and can prevent tooth from: Stomatitis , Swollen Gum , Bleeding Gum, Halitosis (Mouth Odor), Erythrism

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**This product contains many essential extracted from vegetables such as Herbal coral , honey suckle flower and wide Chrysanthemum flower.**Coral: It has strong broad-spectrum anti-vairus an anti-bac Erica's well as anti-inflammatory effects. **Honeysuckles Flower:. It contains mignonette essence , Inositol , Saponin and Tannin having obvious effect of anti-bacterial and astringency . **Wide Chrysanthemum flower: It contains wide Chrysanthemum flower lactones cyanin , bitter pricinples and Vitamin A Vitamin B1, having the function of clearing away  pathogenic heat and removing toxins.**Abradant : is finely manufactured by choosing natural  Calcium charbonate . It characteristics are high  friction force, free of damage to the enamel.**All the above used in the toothpaste , can be absorbed by Oral tissues. It shows a peculiar effect for removing Parodontitis, Gingivitis , pharyngitis and free side effects over a long time use and it sae.


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