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  •  Helps to protect DNA from damage
  •  Strengthens our Body’s bio-field preventing from electro-magnetic waves affecting our health
  •  Increases focus and concentration
  •  Helps to retard the ageing process
  •  Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
  •  Enhances cellular permiability
  •  Reduces inflammation
  •  Promotes unclumping of cells
  •  Enhances blood circulation
  •  Enhances Immune and Endocrine systems
  • Strengthens the whole body

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The Tiens Aura-Energy Stone is a Miracle Healer and an Energy Giver. It has a lifetime lifespan because you can re-energize it a couple of times a year under the SUN for 3 to 4 hours each time.

We humans use a small percent of the energy in our AURA for daily activities when we can use much more. The Aura-Energy Stone us MADE FROM CRYSTALS AND IT PULLS ENERGY FROM OUR AURA INTO US FOR DAILY USE. When this happens, you are:
* stronger than before,
*you heal faster.
*eat well,
*sleep well,
*do rigorous walkouts,
*do your business and office work without getting easily exhausted, and your concentration is higher.

The many health benefits of the Tiens Aura-Energy Stone makes it a MUST HAVE FOR EVERY HOME.In a nutshell, the following are functions of the Tiens-Aura Energy Stone.

1. It gives energy and stamina. You can finish a heap of Office Work or House Chores without feeling exhausted.

2. It takes care of insomnia (inability to sleep), and gives you a very sound sleep.

3. It regulates high blood pressure, and high sugar.

4. It relieves migraine,rheumatism/arthritis disorder, muscle pain and pains generally.

5. You can use the Aura-Energy Pendant to rub any Painful area of the body as well to reduce pains.

6. It reduces inflammation.

7. You can drop the Aura-Energy Pendant ONLY in your bath water for about 20 minutes before bathing.

8. You can place a glass or bottle of water on the Aura-Energy Stone for about 20 minutes before drinking, etc. Water energized with the Aura-Energy Stone can be used to treat chronic skin diseases, for beauty treatment, and promotes hair growth.

9. It improves sex life.

10. It slows aging.

11. It Neutralizes Radiation Effects on the body from the use of Cell Phones.

12. You drink as much as 8 glasses of water daily when wearing the Aura-Energy Stone so that harmful toxins, etc. in the body can be expelled through sweating, urinating, and stooling, and this helps to enhance tremendously blood circulation.

13. It helps SMOKERS AND ALCOHOLICS ABSTAIN FROM THE HABIT. The Aura-Energy Stone can be used to make the alcohol content in drinks inactive (reduced to zero level), and cigarettes tasteless, etc.

14. It relieves those who have phobia for height from such fears so they can travel by air comfortably without experiencing fear.

15. Children can also benefit when they wear the Aura-. When they are feverish or sick, they recover after wearing the Aura-Energy Stone.

16. The Aura-Energy Stone can be hung on the bed or placed under the pillow. All who sleep on that bed will receive health benefits of the Aura-Energy Stone.


Those who need the Aura-Energy Stone are the Aging Population; People Having High Blood Pressure,
High Sugar;
Working People Who Sleep Late;Smokers, Alcohol

Drinkers, etc; House Wives, Pregnant Women, People Who Use a Lot of Energy for Work; Migraine, Rheumatism/Arthritis Disorder Patients; Muscle and General Body

Those who wish to improve their Sex Life; Students Studying for Exams; Everybody.

Please take care of your Health and live longer. Your Family needs you around.


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