There are three main legal channelles everyone earns his or her money. And these are. .


There are some people, they are rich financially. Some of them got their worth by inheritance. Others also got it by their own sweat. These people give their moneys to individuals, companies and even nations in the form of loans. They ll play no part in the management of the fund. Most of the agreement is written in long term manner. This simply mean that, Thier moneys are working for them. They  can now have enough time doing other things most important to them. 


These people mostly own a system of working. They mostly have something I called SEED IDEAS OR NAKED IDEAS. They are not mostly rich from the beginning of their life. Most of such people have painful stories to hear. They mostly behave like SPIDERs N ANTS. in fact most of these people are powerful speakers, they are fearless and have alot of powers. They also ve enough time for their families. I can say they rule the world. These people are the BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN ,THE ENTREPRENEURS, THE LIONS, PEOPLE WITH CROCODILE SKIN. 


According to financial educators, these Set of people are the most poorest in the world. They are also the greater percentage of the world population. They are the most educated people in the world. They are mostly decipline and they complain more than anyone else in the world. Workers, employees both white coloured job and blue coloured job. They work harder than anyone else but due to their results, they most describe as lazy people. Because of their pity nature, UN, WORLD BANK and other international bodies have set a date every year for them to be celebrated. I thank God am not part of them.

I thank God am not part of them to be celebrated because from their 60yh year many of them ll never see peace till they die. 

In conclusion, all these people earns various some of money every day, every week, every month and every year. You have every single right to decide where you wanna be. Thank you and God bless you see you on top of your dreams. 

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